Convert 155 CM to Inches

How big is one cm to inches?

Do you wanna to convert 155 centimeters to a result in inches? first you should get the result how many inches one centimeter represents.

You can use the cm to inches conversion to calculate the conversion.

Meaning of centimeter

Centimeters, is also known as CM, are the measurement unit for length measurement used in the metric system. It is abbreviated by the letter cm . The meter is internationally defined to the “International System of Units”, the unit cm is not. However, a cm is equal to 100 meters. It also measures 39.37 inches.


An Anglo-American measure for length is the inch (its symbol is in).. Its symbol is in. In several different European local languages, the term “inch” is the same as or derived from “thumb”. The thumb of a man is around an inch long.

  • Electronic components, like the dimension of the PC screen.
  • The size of the tires of a car or a truck.

How Convert 155 cm in inches?

Convert inches into centimeters using the cm to in converter. It is possible to calculate the number of centimeters to inches by this simple method.

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154.2 cm60.70854 inches
154.3 cm60.74791 inches
154.4 cm60.78728 inches
154.5 cm60.82665 inches
154.6 cm60.86602 inches
154.7 cm60.90539 inches
154.8 cm60.94476 inches
154.9 cm60.98413 inches
155 cm61.0235 inches
155.1 cm61.06287 inches
155.2 cm61.10224 inches
155.3 cm61.14161 inches
155.4 cm61.18098 inches
155.5 cm61.22035 inches
155.6 cm61.25972 inches
155.7 cm61.29909 inches
155.8 cm61.33846 inches